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Shailesh is an inspirational digital marketing expert with two decades of experience. He is a sought after speaker and consultant.

Understandable. Engaging. Funny.

Shailesh Ghimire has spoken to a wide variety of audiences across many industries. Whether speaking to small gatherings of just a handful of people or presenting at a large industry event - his goal is the same - make digital marketing understandable and actionable.


As a speaker, Shailesh communicates complex digital marketing concepts in a clear, succinct manner. Participants always leave knowing they can leverage their new knowledge to build a stronger business. His presentations are engaging and funny!

Shailesh presents digital marketing as a strategic part of the overall goals of a business. His presentation is immediately actionable. He brings insights from years of experience working with brands across a range of industries. His practical insights, tips and tricks means - participants walk away with valuable information that they can implement right away in their business.

Practical. Actionable. Unforgettable.


With 20 years of marketing experience in the digital space, Shailesh is able to make complex ideas actionable and profitable.

While strategic thinking is Shailesh's core strength he also has hands on experience in all facets of digital marketing. With a passion for digital technology and business growth – he has been instrumental in helping many brands unlock their potential online. His has worked with large brands such as Best Western, State Farm, Arizona Lottery, Unitek Education/College, Stratatech Education Group, Xanterra Properties, T-Gen among others.


He brings extensive experience and real-world examples to all his talks. He shares a framework for understanding and applying the latest marketing technologies/platforms. The breadth, depth and practical nature of his talks means the audience walks away inspired and ready to act.

Shailesh is originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. He lives in Salt Lake City , UT with his wife and four daughters. He hopes to one day write a book on understanding women from infancy to adulthood. 



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Digital Marketing that Turns Clicks into Patients

The digital marketing world can be very confusing and frustrating. With so many platforms and strategies at your disposal it's tempting to just follow your nose. But that won’t get your business the results you need. In my presentation I provide an overview of the digital marketing landscape and introduce you to a methodology to help you choose the right platforms for your audience. The objective is always to ensure your business services direct tangible benefits from the digital marketing you do

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5 Advanced Steps To Increase Your Customer Acquisition

This presentation is geared towards business owners serious about deriving a measurable return on investment (ROI) on their digital marketing budget. I will share a five step process that every marketing manager and business owner needs to follow in order to achieve stated business goals. Whether you want to grow leads or your newsletter subscription - you need to have a digital marketing strategy that helps you get there.

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Growing Your Practice through Digital Marketing

Your customers have a problem and you can solve that problem. That is why they come to you. But how do they find you? How do they know you’re the right company for them? In this presentation I walk you through developing a content marketing strategy to attract the right customers to your business. With real world examples and actionable insights, I will demonstrate techniques, strategies and platforms that will help you grow your business using content marketing.



Shailesh is a wonderful presenter who makes digital marketing concepts easy to understand and implement. We have brought him back three time to speak on three different topics and every time he has spoken at one of our events – our attendees have been able to immediately apply key insights to their business.


Anna Brice

AMA Phoenix Chapter


Shailesh was a wonderful addition to our marketing retreat. He was extremely knowledgeable and personable, while providing tangible takeaways for our digital marketing strategy.


Marketing Manager, Event Marketing

Shailesh’s presentation at the business owners conference I attended was just awesome. He’s easy to listen to, very knowledgeable in his field, and he speaks with credibility and integrity. He is a dynamic and confident speaker, yet his down-to-earth personality made it easy for me to connect to his message.



Business Owner/Attorney


Shailesh spoke at our annual client appreciation event and did a great job connecting with the audience. Our attendees loved the informaiton he provided and benefited from his expertise .

Event Planner

Financial Services



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